I worked with Athletics on an identity concept for Friends, an independent vintage shop located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn selling eighties-inspired garments. I created a custom logotype, secondary mark, printed matter, and brand illustrations for summer & winter.

Made at Athletics


Malden is a typeface designed during my final semester at Minneapolis College of Art and Design over the course of 3 months. Named after the street of a tool & die shop I worked at to support myself through college, the typeface is an amalgamation of various industrial influences, mainly channel letter signs.

Made with insights from Kindra Murphy

banner colors

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Website for Minneapolis College of Art and Design. The goal of the project was to communicate that MCAD is a place that is highly experimental but it is also a very legitimate educational institution. MCAD is a school full of weirdos, but is also as highly accredited as an art school can possibly be, so we wanted to create a site that merged legitimacy with fun.

Made at DesignWorks, Collaboration with Nouhtrang Thao and Aaron Deyoe

Permanent ADG Mobile Site

In 2016 Permanent ADG rebranded and redesigned their website. I was tasked with designing the mobile version of the site. We decided for the mobile site that we wanted to create an experience that was tailored to the way people use mobile devices, opposed to just creating a simplified version of the desktop site. I also developed the icon system for the site, meant to compliment the modernist-influenced logo developed by Oval-X.

Made at Permanent ADG, Identity by Oval-X

Fault Lines

Fault Lines is a data-visualization showing the varying effects of relatively similar earthquakes in different regions of the world. All of the earthquakes featured in the visualization have a similar magnitude but the effects of each varies drastically between regions, depending on a variety of factors such as building codes, population density, road quality, living conditions, and more.

Made with insights from Jan Jancourt

The Jerome Foundation

The Jerome Foundation is an organization that supports the creation, development, and production of new works by emerging artists. For my last project at MCAD DesignWorks I was asked to create a system for the Jerome Foundation Fellowships for Emerging Artists' application notice. The system had to be something that was easy to reproduce, while still feeling fresh each year. The layout of the notice stays the same each year, but the color scheme and treatment of the "J" changes.

Made at DesignWorks with insights from Aaron Deyoe

Leisure Days

Leisure Days is a book about vacation culture in Minnesota. Using content from an old book about Minnesota leisure culture and self generated content, the book guides the reader through Minnesota traditions, as well as the constantly shifting cultural landscape of the state. The book is seperated into four chapters, that together form a narrative that doubles as a categorization method for the book's content.

Made with insights from Kindra Murphy

MLS Decision Day 2015

Visual direction for Major League Soccer's Decision Day 2015 campaign. The goal of the campaign was to motivate and excite fans leading up to the MLS playoffs.

Collaboration with Landry Miller, Made at Athletics


A collaborative publication about the infancy of the internet. We aimed to create a publication that merged the aesthetic of traditional newspapers with the chaos of the web. I helped realize the initial concept, and establish the editorial, typographic, and illustrative voice of the publication, which included selecting relevant pieces of writing and creating spot illustrations and fake ads.

Collaboration with Stephen Lurvey, Frank Mondragon, Nouhtrang Thao, and Isaac Ruder, Printed at Linco, Edition of 1000

The Great Escape

An illustration about breaking free from the distractions of digital life to focus on living in the moment.

Made with insights from Jaime Anderson

Misc. Projects

An assortment of pieces from old and unfinished projects.